Monday, October 6, 2008

What if school sports were dropped?

If school sports were dropped nobody would attended school. School sucks the only good thing about it is the sports. The school would probably make no money because they make people pay to get into sporting events. Our Olympic teams would suck because the athletes would have less time playing the sport. Sports also teach kids to learn time management. Kids have to learn when to study and to fit it all in. It helps them when they get to college and a real job. If school sports were dropped it would be the most re tarted thing in the world. Anybody pro dropping school sports is an idiot. It makes no logical sense even why to consider it.

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Anonymous said...

I'd still go.

And maybe it would keep the people who, frankly, don't deserve to go to college out of college, thus making it easier for kids who really DO deserve to be there, to get in. We spend a lot more money on sports than on academics; I bet tuition would drop, too.